Full name: Eneko Celayeta Galardi
Birth date: 15th July 1988 (Irun)
Live in: Hondarribia
Languages: Basque, Spanish, English


Eneko Celayeta Galardi is the founder of Come Over Gaming S.L.U.® company.

He is a reflection of a passionated life around Motorsports, videogames, hardware and software development with years of professional experience in the industry. Dedicated and tireless always working to reach the marked objectives.

With more than 10 years of Motorsport background in form of Karting and Rally driver (2005 – 2017) he achieved many goals in both disciplines. He also was the owner of the EC Sim Hardware brand (2010 – 2018) which specialized designing, developing and manufacturing professional Motorsport simulation equipment such complete Motorsport simulators, motion systems, direct drive wheels, pedals, shifters and handbrakes for example.

Also a modding passionate who has worked on different content like tracks, physics and plugins with the aiming to improve the simulation experience for the community and the rest of the users.


| Owner @Come Over Gaming S.L.U.® (2020 – Present) |

| Developer @DreamBack VR® (2017 – 2020) |

| Owner @EC Sim Hardware (2010 – 2018) |

| Karting and Rally Driver @Zelaieta Motorsports (2005 – Present) |