Eneko Celayeta


Full name: Eneko Celayeta
Birthday: 15th July 1988
City: Hondarribia (Spain)
Languages: Basque, Spanish, English


Eneko Celayeta is the owner of the Come Over Gaming S.L.U.® company.

He is a reflection of a passionated life around videogames, hardware and software development with years of professional experience in the industry. Dedicated and tireless always working to reach the marked objectives.

Ex – owner of the EC Sim Hardware brand which between 2010/2018 years period specialized designing, developing and manufacturing professional motorsport simulation equipment such complete racing simulators, motion systems, direct drive wheels, pedals, shifter and handbrakes.

Also a modding passionate who has worked on different content like tracks, physics and plugins with the aiming to improve the simulation experience.


| Owner @Come Over Gaming S.L.U.® |

| Developer @DreamBack VR® |

| Ex – Owner @EC Sim Hardware |

| Ex – Owner @Zelaieta Motorsports |

| Mechanic @Zelaieta S.L |