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DreamBack VR is a virtual reality, first-person psychological horror game where you explore the eerie Rickfford Mansion, trying to unravel its mysteries and survive the experience with your sanity intact.


One fateful cold night, you were called by your company to repair a downed electrical power line in the Rickfford Mansion, an old Victorian estate in Mort Forest. That night scarred your life forever. Even though your memories of it are vague and hazy, you are still in shock months later, unable to sleep, and your relationship with your family is strained by the shock. You cannot recall what happened exactly on that night… What events terrified you so much that your mind just snapped and drew a curtain of oblivion over them? You are convinced that you have to face your memories and fears to overcome them. You then heard of a psychiatrist who claims to bring back memories through hypnosis, so you booked a consultation with him. Now, you are going to relive everything that happened in the house that night… Will you survive your own memories?


Designed from the very beginning for Virtual Reality systems, DreamBack VR immerses you in a fully interactive and detailed environment. With its immersive movement and hand controls, you will have to navigate through the eerie Rickfford Mansion to solve its puzzles and enigmas through observation and intuition. DreamBack VR focuses its spine-chilling experience in atmospheric and psychological terror, without combat or action-oriented sections.


Sometimes you have to see and listen for yourself to believe in the extraordinary… but you may wish you hadn’t. DreamBack VR is optimized to offer great visual quality without sacrificing any performance, with stable frame rates and adaptative graphic options. Its audio and sound have been designed to offer an incredibly immersive experience, with dynamic spatial and binaural audio, which, together with high-quality ambience sounds and effects, create a truly harrowing unique experience.