DreamBack VR


DreamBack VR is a first person psychological horror in which you uncover the secrets of the historic Rickfford Mansion.

As Michael Shurtbell you are drawn into the dark Victorian Rickfford Mansion by a mysterious ghostly presence to uncover it’s history and the deepest secrets of its previous owner and the tragic past of it’s residents. Navigating the vast house you will unlock it’s secrets and learn it’s history through an interactive storytelling experience.
“Sometimes, we can draw upon subconscious to relive forgotten experiences, and these memories can change our lives forever”.

Designed from the ground up for the Virtual Reality technology, DreamBack VR features a detailed fully interactive environment and puzzle mechanics. The player will advance through the story using immersive movement controls, dynamic handheld lighting and intuitive observation based problem solving. The game focuses on atmospheric/no combat gameplay.

The characters and environments has been design and implemented to offer visual quality while maintaining the targeted performance for VR application. Profiling and optimizing are one of our priorities to offer the most fluid experience as posible with stable frame rates and adaptable graphics options.

Sound has been designed to immerse the player deeply into the Virtual Reality experience. Dynamic spatial and binaural audio systems together with high quality ambience and effects create a unique rich atmosphere.


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