DreamBack VR

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What’s DreamBack VR?

DreamBack VR it’s a VR (Steam VR) exclusive exploration based psychological horror tittle which uncover an obscure history around the Rickfford family.

DreamBack VR It’s based on the Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 and thanks it’s core technology will compatible with the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift CV1 and Windows Mixed Reality devices.

DreamBack VR its actually on heavy development and we’re aiming for a 2019 release.

The intention its to release it on two different versions:

1 – The first one will include only the title itself.

2 – The second one will include a digital art book with images and explanations of all the processes we experienced during the development cycle.

Since DreamBack VR its a indie title moved by the passion of its creator Eneko Celayeta and the professionalism of our development team we’re always trying to work with the maximun quality but lowest budget posible. We feel honored to have working with us such a talented group of experienced artists who already worked on different already released titles including some “AAA” titles.


DreamBack VR history takes place on the Rickfford Mansion located on Ludlow (United Kingdom) during the night of the 22th of September 1992.

For Michael Shurtbell it’s another work night. Without practically realizing he finds himself on a place he should never has been approached.

He is the one choosed to uncover the deepest secrets around the Rickfford Mansion.


On DreamBack VR you will be inmersed on some of the most creepiest photorealistic exterior and interior levels you has experienced.

Find the way out. Dont stop or try to look back.

Notes, keys, puzzles and more secrets will make you advance in the gameplay and understand the history.

The virtual reality technology will offer to the player a way to interact with with the environment on a realistic and inmersive way.


DreamBack VR will feature deep and atmospheric audio system.

One of the most important features we can find on a game and more when we’re working with the VR technology in hands. We use custom high quality sound effects to make you feel on a unique experience.

Dean Kopri its the composer of the DreamBack VR official sountrack:

– Subconscience

– Between Walls

– Dont Look Back

– The Unknow

– The Escape


During the last decades, horror genre offered us a wide range of tittles to have amazing experiences but also to learn about the videogames industry. All this passion and experience its into DreamBack VR which contains unique history, characters and VR specific gameplay mechanisms.

From Sweet Home and passing from sagas and titles like Alone in the Dark, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Obscure, Siren, Haunting Ground, Rule of Rose, Project Zero and more.

These titles accompanied us during our growth as persons and DreamBack VR become a reality in part thanks to all of them.

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The living reflection of a passionated life centered into the videogames, hardware and software development industry:

– More than 10 years of professional experience in the videogames industry.

– Dedicated and tireless always working to reach the marked objectives.

– Innate leadership ability to guide a team of professionals across the development of a entire project.

In DreamBack VR apart from being the Creator, Producer and Project Leader he’s involved working in the next fields:

Writer/Scripter/Narrative Designer

Lead Character/Environment Concept Artist

Lead 2D Artist

Lead Environment Artist

Lead Gameplay Designer

Lead Sound Implementation

Lead Cut Scene Artist

Lead Quality Assurance

Senior Character Animations Artist

Senior Environment Lighting Artist



Senior Concept Artist



Lead Programmer (Core/Graphics/Gameplay)

Lead Interface Artist

VR Animations Artist



Senior Prototype Programmer (Core/Graphics/Gameplay)



Senior 2D Artist

Senior Environment Artist

Lead Environment Lighting Artist

Lead Environment Shader Artist



Senior Character Concept Artist

Lead Character Artist



Lead Character Animator



Lead Sound System Designer

Lead Sound SFX Designer

Senior Sound Implementation



Ambient Music Composer



Sountrack Music Composer



Voice Actor (Michael Shurtbell)