We have been enjoying video games since almost our first years of life.

That special and indescribable moment in which your mind and sensations were submerged in a world of fantasy that made us have fun but also educate and help us to form as people.

At Come Over Gaming we believe that video games focusing on them in a reasonable and controlled way can improve the physical and mental quality of a person and provide positive sensations.

That is why we always do not lose the opportunity to teach and train the youngest to learn to make the best use of this technology and hobby to have near them through their lives.

From a very small age we have always treated our different consoles and videogames as part of ourselves and a personal and non-transferable patrimony.

That is why today we have more than 20 consoles, more than 600 video games, 6 virtual reality headsets, all type accessories, magazines and art books for example.

All organized and located in a kind of personal museum through which we do not stop to investigate and learn details and curiosities of the exciting world of video games.