Motorsport Simulators

Based on years of acquired knowledge into the Motorsports simulation field, We bring an all in one and ready to go package to maximize the experience to a new level.


Gorka Eizmendi

Come Over Gaming products improves our on stage pace, concentration and win the last tenths to fight for each Rally”

Gorka Eizmendi

Rally Driver (Skoda Fabia R5)

Ramon Salles

The realism you feel on a MRS-6DOF Rally Simulator it’s mindblowing. No words!”

Ramon Salles

Rally Driver (Legend)

Iban Altuna

“Come Over Gaming’s RS-STATIC Rally Simulator it’s the ideal complement to prepare our upcoming events”

Iban Altuna

Rally Driver (Skoda Fabia R5/Ford Fiesta R5)

Jorge Perez Oliveira

“Come Over Gaming products helped me improving concentration and work with my co-driver pacenotes”

Jorge Perez Oliveira

Rally Driver (Citroen DS3 R5)


Premium simulation experience thanks to the six degrees of freedom (6DOF) motion system. Feel all the existing motion cues to maximize your Racing experience. Fasten your seatbelt … Unlimited combinations and only you, against the clock.


Simulate and experience the sensation of sliding without limits. Three degrees of freedom (3DOF) motion system to feel the most important motion cues and improve your consistency. Choose your combination. Only you, against the clock.


Designed for the historical Racing lovers. Simulate and enjoy Motorsport origins and essence in your skin.


Simulate and experience the sensation of Rallying on the limit. Modern or historic cars. Which’s your choice?


Based on years of acquired knowledge into the Motorsports simulation field, we offer a wide range of professional services like hardware design, development, 3D printing, assembling, fine tunning or consulting.