About Us

Come Over Gaming is a videogames development studio and outsourcing services company.

Come Over Gaming founder/owner Eneko Celayeta was the founder/owner of EC Sim Hardware brand between 2010 and 2018 years with the clear target to design, manufacture and develop edge cutting motorsport simulation products.

Come Over Gaming also was very active into the modding community. From tracks creation to complete physics overhauling mods, our brand has earned a relevant position on the community.

With all the achieved knowledge we want start offering our experience in service form to anyone that requires.

With our deep knowledge about software development, electronics, hardware and also the resources to work on the most technically demanding projects we are sure that we can help you growing up your project.

We focus on present but we also take a look to the future with an open scope seeing how the technology evolves trying to adecuate the services we provide to our customers projects requeriments.

Contact us for additional information.